Downtown Baltimore
Lofts, Condos, and Single-Family Homes

Downtown Baltimore Condos, Lofts, High-rises, and Homes

People from all walks of life are migrating to the urban lofts, condos, and historic homes in Downtown Baltimore neighborhoods.

City Center is the heart of Downtown Baltimore. It includes Historic Charles Street, Charles Center, Market Place, and the Financial District. It is one of the most active spots for the development of new condos. Other people are choosing the harbor views in th Inner Harbor District, brimming with high-end condos, townhomes, and high-rises.  Or, they like the West Side, which has long been considered the Loft District.

Is living an urban lifestying right for you? Investigate it. Use this site as a resource. You might be pleasantly suprised what you will find.

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Washington Place Condos in Downtown Baltimore

Built in 1906, the Washington Place Condos in Downtown Baltimore truly have a historic feel. Details from the time are still intact and are breathtaking. More photos of Washington Place Condos in Downtown Baltimore.

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